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Preconception Care/Fathers' Importance/Sexual Intimacy After Baby /Marketing Claims: Formula
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Preconception Care Thoughts

- Practice now the best preventive and prenatal care of all: the care you take of yourself. Avoid over-the counter drugs. Herbal preparations sold in the USA have no FDA requirements to contain what the labels state. If your physician is about to prescribe a drug or procedure, ask what effect either would have on you or your baby should you become pregnant. Present the same questions to your pharmacist. Eliminate exposure to second hand smoke, scented sprays/candles, and volatile cleaning products. Stop smoking/alcohol. Real food is the best nutrition. Continue to take note of science-based information related to such food additives as sodium and phosphates, and of taking large doses of vitamins and other supplements. Try to bring your weight as close to normal as possible, even if you need nutrition counseling to do so. If diabetic, keep blood sugars in normal range. With a self-taking blood pressure kit make periodic blood pressure checks a family health practice. Begin routine dental exams to avoid gum disease and other dental problems during pregnancy; both are related to incidence of premature birth. All of the above will be your future baby's first experience with preventive health care. Familiarize yourself with books available  on pregnancy, childbirth and feeding a baby. Interview obstetricians, inquire about birth practices in area hospitals, and find out what community resources exist that provide interaction with other new and expectant parents. St. Louis offers Parents as Teachers,  MOMS Club, and WIC, for example. Discuss philosophies of baby feeding options and parenting with your partner. Inquire of family members and friends about a history of having breastfed and identify potential supportive persons to assist during the postpartum period. (NRC, St. Louis MO)


MommyMeds Mobile App


Providing information about 20,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications, including vitamins and herbal supplements, to breastfeeding women, based on research at the university. Users can scan the medication's bar code or search by symptom for products to relieve headaches, allergies, or nausea.


Importance of Fathers in the Success of Breastfeeding


"A woman's decision to breastfeed typically occurs long before labor and delivery—sometimes even before she is pregnant. But her commitment to carry through frequently hinges on the opinion of someone often overlooked in breastfeeding education—the baby's father...."


2017 Book: Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple

Excellent step by step how to book by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC

2014 Book: Breastfeeding Solutions: Sexual Intimacy After Baby Comes

A Critical Review of Marketing Claims of Infant Formula Products in the USA

Policies That Support Access to Breastfeeding Counseling and Supplies Study Results, 2017




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