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  • Yttrium Oxide

    Yttrium Oxide,
    CAS No: 1314-36-9
    MOL formula: Y2O3
    MOL weight: 225.81
    Appearance White solid.
    Density 5.010 g/cm3, solid
    Melting point 2425 'C
    Boiling point 4300 'C
    Solubility in water: insoluble
    Solubility in alcohol or acid: soluble

    It is an air-stable, white solid substance. Yttrium oxide is used as a common starting material for both materials science as well as inorganic compounds.
    Yttrium oxide is an important starting point for inorganic compounds. For organometallic chemistry it is converted to YCl3 in a reaction with concentrated hydrochloric acid and ammonium chloride.
    Y2O3 is a prospective solid-state laser material. In particular, lasers with ytterbium as dopant allow the efficient operation both in cw operation and in pulsed regimes.

    Yttrium oxide laser grade 99.9995%.
    TREO(total rare earth oxides):99.5% min.
    Rare-earth impurity
    La2O3/ TREO      0.1 ppm min.
    CeO2/TREO      0.2 ppm max.
    Pr6O11/TREO      0.2 ppm max.
    Nd2O3/TREO      0.4 ppm max.
    Sm2O3/TREO      0.5 ppm max.
    Eu2O3/TREO      0.3 ppm max.
    Gd2O3/TREO      0.5 ppm max.
    Tb4O7/TREO      0.2 ppm max.
    Dy2O3/TREO      0.4 ppm max.
    Ho2O3/TREO      0.2 ppm max.
    Er2O3/TREO      0.4 ppm max.
    Tm2O3/TREO      0.2 ppm max.
    Yb2O3/TREO      0.4 ppm max.
    Lu2O3/TREO      0.2 ppm max.
    Sc2O3/TREO      0.1 ppm max.
    None rare-earth impurities provide by mail.
    Packing in 50 kgs drums,inner vacuum packing.

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